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It has 7 apparatuses for haemodialysis and the patients are dialysed in 3 shifts. There are treated 37 patients. There is opened Nephrological Sector at the Department with 10 beds.
The department insures 24 hours dialysis curative help for all the patients from the following Municipalities: Kazanluk; Pavel Banya; Ni-kolaevo; Gurkovo; Muglizh, etc.
There is realized treatment of patients with HBN with haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and other methods of out-kidney puring of blood. It is also realized treatment of patients with acute kidney insufficiency and intoxications, treated in other structures of the hospital. At the department there is a room for prophylactics and treatment of patients with advanced HBN. There is realized preparation for their dialysis treatment. There in the department is realized preparation for the appropriate patients for kidney transplantation. It is insured temporary and permanent vascular access in the hospital.

Head Physician – Valentina GENCHEVA – Internal Diseases, Nephrology
Interns – Dr Mira GENCHEVA – Internal Diseases; Dr Nikolin KASEV – Internal Diseases; Dr Isam AL-ATAR
Senior Nurse – Iv. NACHEVA

Phone number: 0431/ 68 338

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