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Stationary with 17 beds, distributed as follows:

  • Sector with low degree of dependence by care, where are hospitalized patients with whom can not be achieved diagnostic-curative effect in curative institutions for out-hospital help;
  • Sector with high dependence by care - for active 24 hours observation of patients with heavy damages of psychological functions;
  • Sector with raised insurance - for patients with raised estimation of the risk for realization of aggressive and auto-aggressive behaviour.

There in the Department are realized:
Support of high –motivated staff of experts; Opportunity for 24 hours video-consultation; Treatment by confirmed reports and programs for care; Co-operation at solving out problems in the social sphere; Consultation, connected with the temporary and permanent working disability; Forensic-psychiatric and forensic-psychological provement of citizens connected with: Getting job; Gaining Bulgarian citizenship; Adoptation; Getting married; Law for classified information;. Manufacture, keeping and sale of arms, ammunition and exploding materials; Ownership, wearing and keeping of short-pipe and hunting weapons; Security activity.

Head Physician – Dr Georgi KRUSTEV – Psychiatry - GSM: 0887 093 132
Dr Ivan DIMITROV – Psychiatry - GSM: 0899 505 262;
Reader Miroslava PETKOVA – Psychology - GSM: 0887 357 817
Senior Nurse – Antoaneta KOCHESHEVA

Phone number/Fax: 0431/ 702 04

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